Download keynote speech: Sir Michael Rake, President of CBI and Chairman of BT Group


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the trade agreement that is being negotiated between the European Union and the United States. The negotiations will aim at removing trade barriers (tariffs, unnecessary regulations, restrictions on investment etc.) in a wide range of economic sectors so as to make it easier to buy and sell goods and services between the EU and the US. The EU and US also want to make it easier for their companies to invest in each other's economy. The US-EU High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth (HLWG) noted in its June 19, 2012 Interim Report, that transatlantic trade and investment are the backbone of the world economy. Together, the EU and the US account for nearly half of world GDP and 30 percent of world trade. Each day, goods and services worth $2.7 billion/€2.0 billion are traded bilaterally, promoting economic growth and supporting millions of jobs in both economies. In addition, the US and the EU have directly invested more than $3.7 trillion/€ 2.8 trillion on both sides of the Atlantic.

Project aims

The project aims to create an opportunity to discuss the benefits and possible pitfalls of TTIP leading to an overall assessment of the impact of TTIP on the EU and US economies. It aims to be both inclusive, in that it will include representatives from EU-US institutions and business representatives as well as thematically comprehensive - covering various segments of TTIP. Most importantly, the forum will facilitate information exchange and contacts between prospective EU, US and other international stakeholders.


Organised by IBDE and hosted by the European Commission Representation in the UK the forum will consist of two sessions. Each session will be introduced by a keynote speech which will be followed by four 10 min input presentations given by policy-makers, businesspeople and experts. Presentations will be followed by a structured discussion and a Question and Answers session among representatives of different institutions, experts and companies.

Who should attend

EU and US policy-makers, business leaders, diplomats, trade and investment associations, chambers’ of commerce, senior investment managers, academic experts and the media.

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