More than 170 participants attended the 2nd International Forum on Responsible Banking and Finance organised, on 24 June, by the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE) at Cass Business School, in London. View photos here

Speakers included MEPs, MPs and the most senior industry leaders.

The conference was divided into three sessions, the opening session exploring the Lithuanian EU Presidency priorities, the first session on responsible banking and finance and the way forward, and the second examining the subject of best practices in banking and corporate governance. Inevitably, these two latter areas are not independent and the discussion switched between the two throughout the conference. As well as the main speakers, there were also some challenging questions raised from the floor.

The second forum in this series developed some interesting questions to be examined further in future forums as well as across the financial sector at large. The key word throughout the event was “customer”, popping up regularly during both panels. Read the summary of the event and more