European energy prospects: challenges and solutions

Venue: Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU

Date: Monday, 5 October 2015

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Networking, registration and refreshments


Opening of the Forum

Ø Welcome remarks and introduction: Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman, IBDE


Plenary session one: The role of Energy in Europe’s economic future and the EU's policy priorities for the energy market

The role of Energy in Europe’s economic future

The EU's policy priorities for the energy market

Rationale for the European Energy Union


Ø Jacqueline Minor, Head of the European Commission Representation in the UK

Ø Anders Marvik, Vice President for EU Public Affairs, Statoil

Ø Dr Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

Ø Alfred Kovaci, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Bip.

Ø Chair: Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman, IBDE

Q & A Session


Plenary session two: Europe’s energy security: how can Europe achieve diverse, secure and sustainable energy supply?

The role of the South Stream and Trans Adriatic Pipeline in the European Energy Security

How can government infrastructure developments be mobilised by the private sector

European energy security in light of the global game-changers in the energy industry

Economic and political realities of Russian gas in Europe

Ø H.E. Tahir Taghizadeh, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UK

Ø H.E. Mal Berisha, Ambassador of Albania to the UK

Ø Emily Olson, Vice President, Southern Corridor, BP

Ø Mehmet Ogutcu, Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club

ØDr Chi Kong Chyong, Director of Energy Policy Forum, University of Cambridge

Ø Chair: Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman, IBDE

Q & A Session


Networking and coffee Break


Plenary session three: Technology transfer and Innovation in energy

Stimulating innovation in the electricity supply industry

Renewables, incentives policy & competitiveness: how to balance sustainability with market economy

Smart Grid: exploring the present and forecasting the future

Smart services: what can be provided to customers via a smart grid?

Big data and smart grid: services for distributors and customers

Ø Professor David Newbery, Director of the Energy Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge

Ø Kim Christian Köhler, Partner, Green Evolution Capital LLP

Ø Massimiliano Garri, Partner, Oil & Gas, Business Integration Partners (Bip.)

Ø Chair: Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman, IBDE

Q & A Session


Networking lunch


Conference closes

*Programme is subject to review and change without notice


The Forum aims to discuss the European energy security and growth prospect as well as strategies and solutions for the European energy sector.  In addition, the Forum will boost the profile of UK and other international business interests and expertise. It will provide the gateway for prospective investors interested in exploring European energy climate and opportunities with the added bonus of direct contact with policy-makers and businesspeople. Participants will also be able to maximise their networking opportunities throughout the Forum during coffee breaks and networking lunch.


Held in the heart of London, United Kingdom, this one-day event will consist of four sessions. Each session will be introduced by input papers presentations by policymakers and industry practitioners and speakers with particular expertise in this field which will be followed by structured discussion among representatives of different international institutions, experts and companies.

Speakers at the European Energy Forum 2014 included senior policy makers and industry leaders, including the Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, at the time of speaking in his role as the UK Minister for Energy.


Attendance is open to senior decision-makers, business leaders, investment promotion agencies, senior investment managers, senior diplomats, energy experts and the media. Industry practitioners already operating or interested to invest on energy projects will be invited to participate in and contribute to the Conference.

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