IBDE Membership is open to all those with an interest in the organisation’s work ranging from individuals to diplomatic missions, national and multinational businesses as well as academic institutions, government organisations and NGOs. The membership contributes to, and is an integral part of the funding of the activities of the IBDE. For details contact us at

In line with the IBDE  Articles of Association your application will go through our formal election process, which takes approximately 10 days. Once the election process is complete, providing your application is approved, you will receive the relevant information confirming the details of your membership and how you can enjoy membership benefits available to you. If membership is declined for any reason a full refund of your membership fee will be issued immediately. If you have any queries or would like to request a VAT invoice please contact us via

IBDE is delighted to offer Corporates, SMEs, Diplomatic Missions and other Government Agencies as well as Academic Institutions, NGOs and individuals the prospect of joining an independent platform, offering unique presenting, influencing and networking opportunities and access to a broad selection of high-profile events and initiatives. IBDE prides itself on its existing prestigious platform of members and is determined to maintain its high standard as the organisation expands its membership base.
Membership Types, Prices and Benefits
Application Form
Articles of Association

It is in IBDE’s interest to stimulate and support members’ commercial interests and agenda. This is achieved through an open and constructive dialogue among members’ senior representatives and key stakeholders, creating opportunities for informed and sound policy-making and business opportunities.

IBDE members (subject to the level of membership) will enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Free access to IBDE conferences and other members’ events - providing access to high-level network of business and wider policy-making contacts;
  • Opportunity to participate in information sharing and contribute to debates on key trade and investment issues;
  • Opportunity to host IBDE meetings that are of relevance to members’ policy and client engagement;
  • Opportunity to work as a partner with IBDE on delivering special events
  • Opportunity to provide input to IBDE programmes;
  • Receive invitations to other exclusive and special events, such as Chairman’s Business Briefings, Meet the CEO, VIP Ambassadorial luncheons/dinners and other meetings addressed by leading figures from the public and private sectors;
  • Listing as a Partner on IBDE website (with a hyperlink);
  • Research Sponsorship opportunities;
  • ​Opportunity to nominate senior directors to join the IBDE Board (when such a position is made available).

In addition, members will have an opportunity to:
  • ​Support and shape an international network actively promoting business opportunities in the financial and professional services, energy, infrastructure, technology, innovation and security through business, corporate & commercial diplomacy, investment forums, seminars, policy discussion;
  • Contribute to IBDE’s work in restoring trust and confidence in financial services and corporate governance;
  • Contribute in ensuring a sensible regulation of the global economy, debating regulatory and political issues impacting global markets;
  • Broaden and strengthen their relationships with London Embassies, Policymakers in the City and Whitehall, European Commission, the Westminster and European Parliaments, as well as, industry practitioners and leading institutions;
  • Take a leading role to further enhance IBDE engagement with international stakeholders through diplomatic representations and high profile policymakers and businesspeople.