IBDE offers its members unique presenting, influencing and networking opportunities as well as access to a broad selection of high-profile events and initiatives. IBDE prides itself on its existing prestigious platform of members and we are determined to maintain the high standards as we continue to expand our membership base.
In response to requests from members to explore issues that are growing in significance for both the business and diplomatic community for 2018 work programme IBDE will be focusing on 5 major themes. In its approach IBDE considers the risks to business, including political risks, and the political aspects of business risk to help inform international trade and investment policy and decision-making. For 2018 IBDE is aiming to deliver around 50 events.
Theme 1: Inclusive Globalisation/Capitalism

  • Trust – exploring how the trust of the electorate was lost and how it can be re-gained.
  • Fairness – seeking to define what this means, and for whom.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - exploring how to retain momentum and what actions need to be taken in the efforts towards greater board and management team diversity.
  • Globalisation and de-globalisation – looking beyond the averages and addressing the narrow downsides.
  • Populism – challenges of rising anti-democratic and authoritarian parties and leaders
  • Intervention – assessing the risk/reward of government intervention in industrial and economic issues.
  • Outsourcing – understanding the risks of ethical and legal breaches in the supply chain as legislation becomes more demanding (eg Modern Slavery Act)
  • Tax – exploring the renewed international emphasis on transparency and fairness.
  • UN Sustainability goals – reviewing how states and businesses can meet demanding targets.
Theme 2: Brexit

  • Trade – assessing the impact and viability of trade with EU and non-EU, with and without a free trade agreement.
  • ‘Global Britain’ – strategies and plans for current opportunities and future global trade aspirations.
  • Regulatory coherence – market access and regulatory barriers, including passporting and enforcement risks.
  • Data – challenges of localisation and cross-border data transfer.
Theme 3: Promotion of Trade, Investment and Exports

  • Ethics – successfully navigating the different standards of behaviour and ethics of trade.
  • Skills – developing local skills/capability and the corresponding reduction of exports.
  • Knowledge transfer – including the protection of intellectual property assets.
  • Supply chains – threats and opportunities for global supply chains and pro-competition efficiencies.
  • WTO and FTAs – interplay of agreements, and whether services will be included in future rounds.

Theme 4: Technology and Innovation

  • Cybercrime – understanding the threat, and building coalitions for prevention.
  • FinTech – building hubs and understanding the impact on traditional businesses.
  • Impact of technology, robotics and AI - understanding the impact on society, jobs and welfare.
  • Forced data localisation and their impact on cross-border data flows.
  • Government policies and practices.
Theme 5: Geopolitics

Assessing the risks and opportunities of developments in Europe, USA, China, Asia, Latin America, Commonwealth and other economies and regional groups.

How to get involved

We work closely with of our members, building on our established relationships with our coprorate partners, diplomatic community and Whitehall, we help inform international trade and investment policy and decision-making. 

IBDE is often seen by senior diplomats and business executives as the only organisation providing a 'safe space' to engage in a multilateral discussion both via networking and through various discussions under the Chatham House rule.
With business leaders and diplomats steering our agenda through our advisory board, and with a diverse input from our memebrs our activities provide a unique environment to discuss policy issues relevant to international business.

Through a wide range of programmes, including policymaker discussions our members play an active role in informing and shaping the IBDE's agenda. 

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